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A product is worn for a variety of reasons, be it for an occasion, to spend time with your loved ones, to conduct business, to go out on a date or sometimes, simply to feel good about yourself! The term lingerie invokes different feelings in different people. Sexy, adorable, lovely, intimate, confident - these emotions set the tone. We at 2peace believe that the most important function of a piece of lingerie is to give the wearer a sense of self confidence. Confidence is sexy, attractive & empowering.


Our goal is to create products for our patrons that give them a rosy, affectionate feeling. Be it a meeting, a day out, a date, or a lazy day in bed, our lingerie is designed to invoke in the person donning it, a homely & confident emotion. It's a way to celebrate themselves, their individuality, their uniqueness and of course, their gorgeous self!


We weave our products from the finest natural silks & create designs inspired & characterized by our rich Indian heritage, resulting in a luxurious & opulent experience. Our design language & fit evoke a sense of grandeur, poise & intimacy.


In this changing world, 2peace are committed to the goal of being inclusive. Our products are designed for anyone who wishes to celebrate their identity, regardless of their orientation & preferences.


We promise to create awe inspiring, confidence evoking, luxurious & comfortable lingerie through a sustainable & environment friendly process. Our patrons must know that their preferred brand not only makes stunning pieces of garments but does so in a responsible & caring manner.


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The innermost hush (As suggested by you).

Celebrate yourself.

A confident opulence.

Made for you.

Celebrate your inner sultana.

A dash of confidence.

A poise from within.